Hellbow Rune Video Interview

Dwarven Tavern interviewed me about my book, Hellbow Rune! You can find that interview on You Tube!

Hellbow Rune Sells Out!

No, no, we didn’t give you a cheesy ending. We sold every copy we brought to Gencon. We even tried to bring in more, but the cost of the shipping was more than the cost of the books.

A great start! Thank you, for everyone who bought this book, and thank you to everyone who will!

If you want to see what all the fuss is about, the link to Amazon is here!

Hellbow Rune

Hellbow Rune

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Hellbow Rune on Amazon!

Hellbow Rune can now be ordered on Amazon.com

There’s no picture of the cover, and no blurb yet, but you can order it by clicking on this link.

Hellbow Rune

Hellbow Rune

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Hellbow Rune Now Available!

Well, Hellbow Rune can now be ordered!

You can read this astonishing, grim fairy tale and order it from Blackwyrm Books!!!


The Prologue follows

Prologue: Leaving the Carnival of Monsters

“Let me tell you your fortune.” Madame Zhalla said, smiling under the rubber witch mask. She was my adoptive mother, taller than me, with pale blonde hair that had been winnowed by the years.
My hair was dark, and I didn’t know where I came from, so the fortune telling was a game. My mother always claimed she had the sight, and that she could see me in another place. She would tell me wonderful stories of a world of beauty, and yet she called me a wicked, dark haired thing, though everyone told me I was pretty.
My name is Symantha Markajian. I might be a gypsy or an orphan, a liar or a con artist, a stealer of wallets or a hero of stories. I lived in a carnival wagon with my adopted mother, amid the freakshow of the bearded ladies, the two headed men, the roustabouts and the archery contests. She didn’t care where I come from, ran her fingers through my dark hair, and called me ‘muffin.’ I was fifteen years old.
My mother took my palm in her clawed rubber hands when the nights grew dark, and the lights in the fortune teller’s tent grew dim. “You will grow up in a circus, and travel to places most people never see. You will meet the man you love by a pool in the forest. You will be a great hero, who will kill the King of Feathers, a wicked tyrant who rules over a wicked land. You may believe it all, or you may not believe a word of it.”
I didn’t believe a single thing. It all seemed stupid to me, and I had computer games to get back to. I won the computer in a card game. I was good at playing cards. We moved from circus to circus, and town to town. My mother’s prophecies were notoriously inaccurate. I chalked them up to coincidence.
It was upstate New York, in the fall. My mother was working late at the fortune teller’s tent, as she always did, and I crept out of our trailer, where the mist was thick and the forest was shadowed in the background. I was wearing jeans and a ratty t-shirt with a drunken fish on it. So I walked towards the forest, confident that I’d be back by morning. In the distance, the lights of the big top beckoned, and the carnival played on.
They say that’s how these things always begin…

A long road realized, a long way to go…

I am proud to announce that Blackwyrm Books will be releasing my first novel, Hellbow Rune, a Novel of Dark Fantasy, at Gencon. It took two years to write it and a ton of editing, but I’ve finally broken the glass ceiling and someone was willing to publish a book I wrote.

First novels are always tortured children. There’s a long struggle to realize what you make, followed by the hope that someone will actually publish it. I have gotten further than most, but that’s no reason to quit.

The book is a dark fairy tale about a modern girl who goes to a fairy tale land and meets some unusual companions and has adventures. It’s kind of like a creepy, evil Wizard of Oz. :)

I hope folks pick it up.

Holy Cow! I’m a Special Guest!

Chupacabracon 2015 has accepted me as a special guest because I have enough Hero System writing credits to actually be somewhat significant!

I’ll be running games and doing panels from January 9-11 in Austin, Texas, where I intend to enjoy some weather that is marginally better than the weather in New Jersey. If you’re planning on going, drop me a line! I’ll be happy to take out a few minutes for people who make appointments beforehand.



Hallow Worlds

Currently, I’ve embarked on a project tentatively titled “Journey to the Center of the Earth!” For the past eight to ten months, I’ve been constructing what lies below at the center of my superhero world.

While some of these characters were already sheeted, the key to this enterprise is building an inner planet. I started out thinking “This is going to be awesome! This is going to be fun! A lot of my work is already completed, all I have to do is rework the math, and…”

Well, it’s 212 pages later. I’m about 2/3 done. This project is probably going to be about the size of “City State of the Invincible Overlord” or close to it.

Features include:

A Map of the Center of the Earth!

A sinister army of Reptile Men and their super-powered leaders!

The Earth’s Archmage, the Oligarch, and the Council, and they aren’t as friendly as one might expect!

Free Cities of the Center of the Earth!

Underground superhero gaming tips!

Cybernetic Mole Men! (Yeah. I love the classics. All at once, I do.)

Dozens of plot seeds, campaign hooks, and plot options.

Oh, yeah. And the Doomsday Beast! We’ve got him, too!


  • Upcoming Appearances

    Chupacabracon, January 9-11, 2015

    Michael will be appearing at Chupacabracon as a Special Guest, where he will run games and appear on panels. He will not be part of the paneling, much as many people would like to flatten him and attach him there.

    Templecon, February 5-8, 2015

    Michael will be appearing at Templecon in Warwick, Rhode Island as a special guest, where he will run games and appear on panels.


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