I guess I’m a blogger now.

Let me tell you what’s in store for you as a result of what’s in store for me.

Coming up at Origins is an adventure called Unkindness. This is not so much about supervillains, although it is an awesome adventure in that regard. This is an adventure about the evil that men do, with a nasty moral dilemma at the end of it. It’s also dedicated to my friend Bill Molendyk, who passed away last year. Expect the unexpected, but the adventure is terrific. I’d like to offer special thanks to Sharon Packer M.D. (Author of Superheroes and Supereoges, Analyzing the Minds Behind the Masks) and Sabine Himmelfarb, M.D. an expert in a very specific field of analysis, for their help in designing this adventure.

Coming up at Gencon is an adventure called Pretty Hate Machines. This is dedicated to my friend Bruce Huffman, who passed away this year. It’s been a tough couple of years in my gaming group. In Pretty Hate Machines, Mr. Hideous, the ugliest man in the world, comes to the campaign city to wreak havoc and make everyone else as ugly as he is. There are a lot of cool maps in this adventure, but more importantly than that, I’m trying to establish a tradition with my superhero adventures to give people a chance to be heroes themselves, and donate to worthy causes that are somehow related to the adventure. Unkindness is the first in that line.

Coming up for me on Thursday is a meeting with my copy editor. I’m working on two novels: The first is called Hellbow Rhune: A Novel of Dark Fantasy (Although it’s more of a really evil fairy tale/bildungsroman), and the second is an urban fantasy novel called Alison L. (This is an Alice in Wonderland modern urban fantasy. I’m hoping to get takers just on that alone.)

Special Thanks to all my playtesters for getting me this far, and to Dave Mattingly for being daring enough to publish my gaming things for many years.


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  1. When the beautiful people flee for the sake of their vanity, the city calls upon
    S.C.A.R (Super Containment And Rescue). They are not the most beautiful of people but their souls shine bright. Nice site Michael!

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