What’s going on!!!!!

Here are, in no particular order, the projects I am currently working on.

King of the Mountain: This project is somewhere in the middle of completion, and is in development for Blackwyrm Games. An Elvis Themed B-Movie superhero adventure with an A-list occult enemy for the Hero System, and possibly others as well. Battle demons and the risen dead. Fight spatial distorters. Yo-Yo appears courtesy of Mark Arsenault!

Imaginary Friends: Quite simply, the scariest Champions adventure ever.

What if you knew a group of children who had imaginary friends?

What if those imaginary friends were real?

And what if someone was killing them?

How do you fight a villain whose weakness is his greatest strength?

How do you catch a serial killer who doesn’t exist?

Meet Mr. Wumbles.

Your PC’s will never be the same….

On the novel front, I’m rapidly closing in on completing Hellbow Rune, an Unseelie Fairy Tale. I have to go over the first 324 pages again after I finish slashing up the last 276, but it shouldn’t be much longer than that. I’ll be looking for publishers by the end of the month.

The next novel is very special to me. My copyeditor for it said he likes the idea, and I’m heading full-bore towards it while dipping into King of the Mountain to meet my deadline. I should be looking for publishers by the end of March 2011. Ideally, the novel should be released sometime around the 150th anniversary of Alice in Wonderland in 2012.

It’s called Alison L.

I don’t want to tell you too much about it, except that it’s a modern urban fantasy based on the works of Lewis Carroll (Thankfully, this is in the public domain). A brutal mix of noir action, spy thriller sensibilities, and an awesome plot will keep you reading all the way to the end.

My intention is to write thirteen books in this series, each with thirteen chapters. Carroll loved numerology, but as much as I love numerology, I love conveniently arranged licensing agreements more. This structure makes it easy to turn my novels into TV in Japan and Britain, both of which have very cool takes on how this might play out, and both of those nations have thirteen episode seasons.

Ian Fleming wrote thirteen James Bond novels also. You can’t write this sort of stuff without that kind of nod to the master.

As cool as Hellbow Rune is, I think that Alison has the potential to sell millions of copies. I may sell copies and get lots of hate mail, but that’s a risk I’m prepared to take.

  • Upcoming Appearances

    Heroicon, Decatur, Illinois, May 15-17

    Michael will be appearing at Heroicon as a Special Guest, where he will run games and appear on panels. All proceeds from this convention go to benefit troops overseas with games, both donated and purchased, sponsored by a group called Games for Troops. I know it's a trek. Come join me anyway.

    Nexus Game Fair, Milwaukee, WI, June 25-28

    Michael will be appearing at Nexus Game Fair as a Special Guest, where he will run games and appear on Panels.

    Gencon, Indianapolis, IN, July 29-August 2.

    Michael will be attending Gencon and representing Blackwyrm Games, where his latest products will be playtested and he will have at least one signing.