Imaginary Friends: A New Kickstarter from Blackwyrm Games

maginary Friends is an adventure for the Hero System/ Champions 6th Edition and Savage Worlds in which invisible playmates come to life with deadly consequences. As much a long-term campaign supplement as an adventure, it features a set of strategies and events using the characters and depicting forces at work, rather than a completely linear narrative.

You’ll meet an entertaining array of sinister and unique characters who will engage roleplayers in tests of combat and the mind unlike anything you’ve seen before! I know you’ve probably heard that before once or twice, but I really mean it. Every playtest of this adventure has been fantastic, be it rules light or rules heavy.

We hope you’ll be pleased and surprised at what you find inside the pages of Imaginary Friends. It’s a very different sort of gaming experience.

What’s inside:

A full supervillain team. (It wouldn’t be nearly as cool an adventure if there wasn’t a full supervillain team in it)

Villains opposing other villains!

A vast array of map locations that are easily reusable in any modern setting!

The groundwork for an easy to expand evil secret organization!

A sinister master mind!

A lesser master mind!

An agent-level mastermind!

Absolutely no mimes (or Master Mimes) whatsoever!

If you help us reach our goal, we may be able to get you stretch goals such as cardboard heroes of the characters or larger maps!

  • Upcoming Appearances

    Heroicon, Decatur, Illinois, May 15-17

    Michael will be appearing at Heroicon as a Special Guest, where he will run games and appear on panels. All proceeds from this convention go to benefit troops overseas with games, both donated and purchased, sponsored by a group called Games for Troops. I know it's a trek. Come join me anyway.

    Nexus Game Fair, Milwaukee, WI, June 25-28

    Michael will be appearing at Nexus Game Fair as a Special Guest, where he will run games and appear on Panels.

    Gencon, Indianapolis, IN, July 29-August 2.

    Michael will be attending Gencon and representing Blackwyrm Games, where his latest products will be playtested and he will have at least one signing.