What’s Going On? (Part 133.6)

Well, I haven’t been maintaining as much as I’d like, but that’s because a lot of stuff has been happening and I’ve been very busy maintaining it.

I’ve written a novel called Hellbow Rune: A Novel of Dark Fantasy. This book should be out sometime this coming year. It’s long, about 500 pages, but I hope people will take a look when it comes out.

I’m also working on a superhero game project called Journey to the Center of the Earth. No, really. There’s a hallow world at the Center of the Earth with reptile people, powerful magicians, weird animals, feuding city states, and more!

My agents, Dee Mura literary and I are hammering out a different novel called Alison L. This could be big. Maybe the biggest thing ever!

Anyway, as brief as this post is, feel free to contact me at ChampionsGuru@gmail.com if you are adoring fans or just want my chili recipe.

I will be attending Gencon this year as usual. Further public appearances may be forthcoming. Stay tuned!

  • Upcoming Appearances

    Heroicon, Decatur, Illinois, May 15-17

    Michael will be appearing at Heroicon as a Special Guest, where he will run games and appear on panels. All proceeds from this convention go to benefit troops overseas with games, both donated and purchased, sponsored by a group called Games for Troops. I know it's a trek. Come join me anyway.

    Nexus Game Fair, Milwaukee, WI, June 25-28

    Michael will be appearing at Nexus Game Fair as a Special Guest, where he will run games and appear on Panels.

    Gencon, Indianapolis, IN, July 29-August 2.

    Michael will be attending Gencon and representing Blackwyrm Games, where his latest products will be playtested and he will have at least one signing.