Always Name Your NPC’s Beforehand

I know I like to present myself as a guy who doesn’t make a lot of mistakes. So much for that.

My players and I started  a new Pathfinder game. Ordinarily, this wouldn’t be much cause for alarm, but it was taking place in Galt, a French Revolution-style area of Golarion.

Sure, no problem. Well, the PC’s were attacked by some thugs. And I didn’t name the boss of the thugs. It didn’t even occur to me that this would matter. So I plunked down some pennies and this bottle cap from a belgian beer that I had served to a friend of mine the other day. It read “Biere de Trappiste” on the label.

So we get around to rolling initiatives, and someone says “What’s the boss’s name?”

Me: (Trying to cover my butt) You don’t know. Are you going to ask him?

Player: It’s a little too late for that now. Let me see. (Looks at the bottle cap. Reads the words “Biere de Trappiste”) Okay. He is now Trappiste.That sounds vaguely French.

Me: (Trying desperately to figure a way out of this mess, and realizing there is none. Even if I were to name him later, I know my players. They will call him Trappiste forever) Okay. (Sighing inwardly) He is now Trappiste.

Even worse, the PC’s dropped him to negatives and he SURVIVED. đŸ™‚ Now this guy is going to be on their tail, and I still can’t call him anything but “Trappiste.” Oh, well. Trappiste is now the villain. Unlucky them.

Still, to be fair, you should always name your NPC’s beforehand.

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