A long road realized, a long way to go…

I am proud to announce that Blackwyrm Books will be releasing my first novel, Hellbow Rune, a Novel of Dark Fantasy, at Gencon. It took two years to write it and a ton of editing, but I’ve finally broken the glass ceiling and someone was willing to publish a book I wrote.

First novels are always tortured children. There’s a long struggle to realize what you make, followed by the hope that someone will actually publish it. I have gotten further than most, but that’s no reason to quit.

The book is a dark fairy tale about a modern girl who goes to a fairy tale land and meets some unusual companions and has adventures. It’s kind of like a creepy, evil Wizard of Oz. 🙂

I hope folks pick it up.


Holy Cow! I’m a Special Guest!

Chupacabracon 2015 has accepted me as a special guest because I have enough Hero System writing credits to actually be somewhat significant!

I’ll be running games and doing panels from January 9-11 in Austin, Texas, where I intend to enjoy some weather that is marginally better than the weather in New Jersey. If you’re planning on going, drop me a line! I’ll be happy to take out a few minutes for people who make appointments beforehand.



  • Upcoming Appearances

    Heroicon, Decatur, Illinois, May 15-17

    Michael will be appearing at Heroicon as a Special Guest, where he will run games and appear on panels. All proceeds from this convention go to benefit troops overseas with games, both donated and purchased, sponsored by a group called Games for Troops. I know it's a trek. Come join me anyway.

    Nexus Game Fair, Milwaukee, WI, June 25-28

    Michael will be appearing at Nexus Game Fair as a Special Guest, where he will run games and appear on Panels.

    Gencon, Indianapolis, IN, July 29-August 2.

    Michael will be attending Gencon and representing Blackwyrm Games, where his latest products will be playtested and he will have at least one signing.