About Michael Satran


Michael Satran has been gaming since 1979, and running his Champions / Hero System universe since 1987.  A graduate of Rutgers University, with a master’s degree in English from the University of Rhode Island, he is currently working on three more adventures for Blackwyrm Games and a novel.

His Champions universe, Legacies, currently contains more than 100 player character superheroes, untold numbers of supervillians, and a backstory that starts before World War II and threatens the peace and security of Earth into the future.

Michael can be reached at championsguru@gmail.com

Mr. Satran’s game store of choice is The Gamer’s Gambit in Fair Lawn, NJ.

This picture was taken at Mr. Satran’s home, owned by his two cats, who charge him rent.


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  • Upcoming Appearances

    Heroicon, Decatur, Illinois, May 15-17

    Michael will be appearing at Heroicon as a Special Guest, where he will run games and appear on panels. All proceeds from this convention go to benefit troops overseas with games, both donated and purchased, sponsored by a group called Games for Troops. I know it's a trek. Come join me anyway.

    Nexus Game Fair, Milwaukee, WI, June 25-28

    Michael will be appearing at Nexus Game Fair as a Special Guest, where he will run games and appear on Panels.

    Gencon, Indianapolis, IN, July 29-August 2.

    Michael will be attending Gencon and representing Blackwyrm Games, where his latest products will be playtested and he will have at least one signing.